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Is Western Civilization Collapsing..??

Posted By: Sharon Matthew          In: News & Society          143 Views         (Apr 28, 2018)

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 Is Western Civilization Collapsing..??

Western values & civilization has brought us stirring works of art & beautiful forms of music. It has brought us the concept of representative democracy in which every person is created equal and has equal rights before the law, which has freed countless people from the tyrannical regimes of unelected bureaucrats.Inventors in the West have been responsible for the creation of the telephone, the discovery of electricity, the development of space travel, and incredible advances in medicine.

Yet some contend that Western society has also brought us the enslavement of blacks, the exploitation of indigenous cultures, and a global hegemony that diminishes the overall well-being of mankind.

Here are some signs that Western civilization is collapsing with this relentless onslaught and that all the hard won benefits for which many generations have fought & died are going with it.

1. Gender Fluidity

Many transgender people report that they feel trapped in their own bodies and persecuted by those around them. The medical establishment makes great profit from these treatments & medical facilities are more than happy to seemingly rectify this mental distress with costly surgery.However, studies have shown that post-op transsexuals have much higher mortality rates than the general population and are more likely to commit suicide. Moreover if anyone wants Technical Support for Asus Windows Installation Support, they can contact me.

From historical evidence it is clear that abolishment of these sexual-norms contributes to social decay. Depending on assessment of Western society, this fact could be seen as cause for either terror or jubilation.

2. The Collapse Of The Family

For centuries untold, family units have served as the dominant formative force of the character of the next generation. In a healthy society, each family unit is informed and directed by general cultural trends. If we take this vice - versa, families can break away & subsist on their own devices. So, Sensing a threat to their power in the sovereign autonomy of the family unit, statist influences have enforced the mandatory education of children in government-run facilities.

Here, children are taught to transfer their perception of authority from their parents to the state.

3. The Rising Dominance Of Virtual Worlds

Since, robust civic engagement is a fundamental block of Western society. Therefore, citizens of Western countries must actively defend their rights to stem the relentless onslaught of tyranny that always looks for new opening. Still each year, people in Western countries are becoming disconnected from reality. Cloaked under the promise of keeping people connected, social media has torn us apart.

Men who are entrapped within virtual worlds are incapable of defending the women and children in their lives. They give up actual productivity for simulated achievement.

4. Erasure Of History

It is said that history is written by the victors. Our perception of the past, and therefore our perception of the present, is molded by those forces which have eliminated opposing viewpoints by diplomatic or violent means. The easiest way to control a person or a group is to manipulate their perspective on reality from the very beginning with a view of history that benefits those in charge.

5. Nihilism

The quest for meaning has always dominated the Western psyche. During ancient dark times, the concept of "mors certa, hora incerta" (“death is certain, its hour is uncertain”) defined as the obsession with death that sprang out of Christian theology.  Also get technical Support for Acer Laptop Support Phone Number for all kinds of Acer laptop issues.


As Western civilization continues to collapse - the ideological thinking of Generation Zen will spread and leave the people of the world dis-connected and dis-empowered. This ancient thought experiment termed as Western philosophy has finally met its match with a void of meaninglessness.

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Is Western Civilization Collapsing..??
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Is Western Civilization Collapsing..??

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Is Western Civilization Collapsing..??

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